1. On the northernmost tip
Susanne Breuning
2. There is a place
Christine Bertelsen
3. My fair Elsinore
Pernille  Back
4. Fredensborg Royal
Louise Ravn Christensen
5. It’s Royal
Christine Bertelsen
6. World wide fame
Susanne Breuning
7. Canon number 24
Peter Dack
8. Smile Fredensborg
Louise Ravn Christensen
9. A day like today
Peter Dack
10. Elsinore you are a sensation
Søren Pouslen
11. Right here waiting for you
Dida Dhaynaut
12. The Kronborg-Walz.
Bjarne Andersen

Go by music and songs on a journey to North Zealand.
Since the publication of the CD Elsinore is the gate to Denmark in 2002 I have considered to make a successor.
The great interest in the case since the beginning shows that the idea was right. Poets, singers, musicians as well as sponsors have been very eager to support the good cause, i.e.:
1.Collect funding in aid of children with cancer in Elsinore.
2.To enrich locals as well as tourists with new and old songs from and around Elsinore.
With these two new CDs of cheerful and tuneful music and singing you can explore an area from Heather Hill at Raegeleje in North West to Skanoer in South East. From the songs you can experience the narratives of exciting people and legend from Ogier the Dane, Prince Hamlet, kings, Heiberg, Buxtehude and to Oswald Helmuth. You do not need a big marching kit for the journey, just enjoy the music and sing along. Yes, you can sing along as a very nice songbook is published to follow these CDs, which on the same time guides you through
North Zealand by beautiful pictures.
This area in Denmark is so filled with history, we walk on it
each and every day, whether we live by the castle in Gurre or walk in the old highways and byways of Elsinore . From Erik of Pomerania and the Sound Dues to the Hammer mill that in the seventeenth century was an arms factory and to H.C. Andersen, who was a Latin student in Elsinore in 1826 and up to our days, where the largest owner of travel agencies of them all, Simon Spies, grew up in Stengade. For that reason only you may safely go on a journey and seek adventures in their footsteps.

My Fair Elsinore
(Originaltekst: Jørgen Madsen. Engelsk oversættelse:
Iben Hasselbalch mell: Little Pal. Brown Henderson

I've been travelling all over the Earth.
Elsinore soon showed me what it's worth:
From the busy highway I looked down
On the red-roofed houses of the town,
And out by the sea the pointed spires
Of the castle in the sunset fires.
Refrain: Elsinore , you're so gracefully placed
on the grass by the sound you are based,
With meadows and hillsides and trees by the shore,
I'll never forget you, my fair Elsinore .
I remember your greenlands again,
In sunshine, in haze and in rain.
You held me in your arms as I dozed off for a while
By the beautiful sound with a smile.
When I take a walk I get impressed,
Poetry awakens in my breast.
Kronborg by the windy, glittering sound,
Dancing graces whirling round and round
When I watch the sunset in the west,
I feel in my heart you are the best.
Gleams of sunshine in the sparkling sea,
Tourists disembarking on the quay,
Jumping off the bright white ferryboats,
Cheerful chats across the harbour floats.
Then again a stroll among the trees
Tells me I was right in saying this:

Pernille Bach
Brown Henderson / Jørgen Madsen. 3:46

This song is sponcered by:
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